November 16, 2012

And, so we meet again...

Well, considering my last post was about, OH...7 months ago, I guess I have a lot to catch you up on!  First, I guess I'll try and explain/justify my disappearance from this lovely spot.  As my last post (in April) stated, I was making my big move to the city for the summer and I planned to move my rants to another blog I created specifically for New York.  However, just like everything in my life, things don't always go as planned, and unfortunately Hello, Soho only lasted about 2 weeks!  Now, I know I am quite a disgrace to the blogger world for jumping ship so early, but let. me. just. tell. you. I barely had time to think about all that I was doing this summer, much less blog about it!  You can thank Sprint, though, for finally hopping on board the iphone train, and allowing me to share bits and pieces of my adventure through instagram.  I think it's safe to say (and, my followers please back me up here) I put Insta to pretty good use.  Yes, I'm sure my influx of pictures, at times, was quite annoying, but I hope you were able to get a TINY glimpse into my life this summer!  There is so much I could say about those three months spent in the most wonderful city on earth, but it would simply be TOO much for one little post to handle--So, if you are just dyyyinng to know, come find me and I will be more than happy to share all of my stories with you! 

So, I guess that only really covers a few months of my absence, huh... What about those other 3 months, you may ask?  WELL, I really have no excuse for that-- BUT, I guess we can blame it on senioritis?  Which, I was diagnosed with, OH, the first day of school... it's fine.  Yep, that's about the only thing I can come up with, so that's what we're going to go with! 

I plan (again, BIG emphasis on that word) or let's just say I have the best intentions of keeping up with this page this go-around...hey, 3rd (ok, 5th) times a charm, right?  But, who knows, life as a senior, with 12 hours of classes and current unemployment can be pretty tough to handle...I know, I know--it's a hard knock life!

Let's plan on meeting back here soon?  Until next time...


Happy Friday!

April 11, 2012

Start spreading the news...

I'm leaving today (or more like June)...

I want to be a part of it.  NEW YORK, NEW YORK!

That's right y'all, in 53 days (but who's counting, really...) I will be going back to my favorite place on earth, and staying for more than a week this time!  I am so blessed to be given such a wonderful opportunity and I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for me this summer.  I know that this will be no walk in central park (sorry, I couldn't resist that one), but I am confident the lessons I will learn will be fully worth all the trials I may face.

Get ready to take this journey with me, as I will be updating you the entire way... 

Now, I need to channel my inner Carrie (Bradshaw) and make sure I am prepared, in the outfit department, for the streets of NYC.  I hope to look like this going to work everyday:

she is too fabulous
Ok, I'm done with my ranting for today.  There is definitely more to come on this adventure!  

 Have a good week, lovelies.

April 4, 2012

White Out

Call me old-fashioned, but I still follow the rule that white should only be worn after Easter and before Labor day.  After that short period of time, my whites are folded and neatly put away until that glorious day after Easter when I can show them off again.  Now, I know it has been said that this rule is outdated and no longer needs to be followed, but I have been persistent in upholding to this fashion law.  Maybe one day I will hop aboard the bandwagon that carries the yearly white wearers....oh who are we kidding, that day will never come!  However, thanks to my little friend pinterest I have come dangerously close to giving in.  It's like giving up dessert for Lent, and the next day having your favorite dessert (aka. apple crisp, DG house style) flaunted in front of your face.  It is just plain cruel.  But, unlike my Lent this year, I haven't cheated yet and I don't plan to now since I only have 3 more days of staying strong and shielding my eyes from the adorable white ensembles that have taken over pinterest!  I should probably be given some sort of award for my unbelievable willpower?  Too much?  Ok, well you take a look at what has been teasing me, and then tell me you don't want to give me a pat on the back...

 Need I say more...

March 29, 2012

Skipped Season

Where is spring?  It may be April, but this weather has summer written all over it!  While I should be grateful that it is already warm enough outside to layout, I am a bit disappointed that my favorite season has been skipped.  So, I think I will take my precious time transitioning into this premature summer... I have too many spring-inspired outfits that haven't even seen the light of day!  Here's what you can expect to see me wearing, even in this 90+ degree weather...

1. Pastels Pants

 These ladies get it...

2. Nude & Blush tones

HELLO Carrie Bradshaw

3. Spring Sweaters
I'm fully prepared for the stares I will get wearing these...



Gah, I love SPRING!

March 8, 2012






It couldn't have taken longer to get here, but it is now officially Spring Break!
Goodbye Starkville, HELLO to da beach!

February 29, 2012


I know I am a little late, since NYFW was weeks ago, but I just saw this and it was simply TOO good not to share...

"she said she was wearing Jason Wu...It was Jason Wu for Target"
Gosh I love this guy!

Happy Wednesday, Lovelies