March 30, 2011


On occasion, I have been known to have a "princess moment" or two.  More recently, though, due to the stress of life as an overbooked and overworked college student, these moments have become more frequent and they have been labeled with another name, "diva".  During these episodes, my attitude can be described by a few unpleasant words.  Demanding, bossy, temperamental, self-centered, and not to mention RUDE.  Yes, I am sure I left out a few!  But, my question is... since when did being a so-called "princess" have such awful connotations!  The last I remember, being a princess was a little girl's most desired aspiration in life!  I could not count the number of princess dresses that I owned, all consisting of way too much tulle and way too cheap of fabric.  Simply, putting on this costume made me feel... well, special!  I may not have been worried about boys at this young age, but I did know that if I was a princess, then my fairy-tale awaited me, knight in shining armor included!  So, when did we stop expecting a prince and a happily-ever after?  When did we stop deserving to be placed upon a pedestal, and swept off our feet by the charming banter of our true love?  Somewhere between falling countlessly in love to being left with nothing but the remnants of a broken heart, our self worth and confidence is left dried up and misconstrued.

Who said you weren't beautiful?  Who said you can't wear a pretty dress and put on a crown?  Who said that your pumpkin can't be transformed into a full horse-drawn carriage?  And who said that you don't deserve to be pursued by someone who will treat you forever like a princess?  I know someone who never said any of these things to you.  He actually says the quite opposite.  HE professes that your beauty captivates Him every single day.  HE provides you with a pretty dress to wear and places the crown upon your head.  HE promises to transform the lifeless pumpkin that is your life, into a beautiful horse-drawn carriage that gives off a light to guide you on your way.  And HE is preparing a man that could not be more perfectly created just for you.  The one that I speak of, that tells you that you are worth all of this and more, is God.  This is how much HE loves you...

And besides, every princess deserves a Happily Ever After!

5 things...

Each week I am going to try to post my current 5 obsessions that brighten my day, and hopefully will do the same for you :)  So here we go...

1. My kind of camping...

Filled with twinkle lights and fancy linens

2. A picturesque backyard affair

Considering my poor cooking skills, a caterer would be a necessity for this party

3. April showers bring...Dancing!!!

You set my feet to dancing
You set my heart on fire
In the presence of a thousand kings
You are my one desire

4. Pretty pastels...the color of Spring

5. Antique Doors

What doors will God open for you?

March 29, 2011

I want to be ready...

Today, I heard a new song that I can't get out of both my head and my heart.  As sad as I am to say that the addictive new single by Rebecca Black has been replaced, I believe that Mr. Shawn McDonald has hit the nail on the head with his song "I Want to be Ready".  The lyrics say it all...

I want to be ready
When the Son Almighty comes
To lay claim to Him
And Him, alone
I want to be ready
To stand at His side
For His eyes to gaze upon me
In His glory and might

I want to be ready
I want to be ready
I want to be ready
For Him and Him, alone
I want to be

I want to be ready
To cry out His name
To lay up in His arms
Delight in His fame
I want to be ready
To be embraced by His love
Before Thee Almighty
To take me up above

To gaze upon Your throne
To give You all I own
O My King
To fall upon my knees
To give You all the glory

So will I be ready?

If God arrived at my doorstep tomorrow, would I be able to welcome Him as the gracious and hospitable hostess that is expected from a Southern woman?  Or would the shame of my dirty home be revealed through the fear that is written all over my face?  Unfortunately, the second reaction is probably the best guess... 

Growing up we are taught that everyone has a purpose.  As a small child, we believe that as big as we can dream, that is where our purpose lies.  A firefighter, a rockstar, an astronaut...NO dream is too big.  Then, as we get older and realize that no matter how much you dream of becoming a rockstar, if you can't carry a tune or read a sheet of music, this dream is simply out of reach.  But, now what?  Your dream has been crushed and you are left reevaluating your life.  Eventually, most figure it out, some a little easier than others.  But even when we discover a job that is made for just for us, is that all that we are here on this earth for?  Jesus answers that question loud in clear throughout the Bible.  Our one true purpose on this earth is to bring glory to God.  If this is our purpose, then why are we not preparing to see face to face the One we have been to designed for.  Every day should be training day.  The Word of God and continual prayer should be our tools that will equip us so that when that day comes we will be readily waiting with open arms...

So, Lord I pray, I want to be ready...


March 28, 2011

a more perfect rhyme

I am the kind of person who will wear out a song.  If it plays on my heartstring in the slightest bit, it will be put on repeat until I can quote every word of every line.  While most would see this habit of mine annoying, I continue to get my moneys worth out of each $1.29 song I am compelled to buy.  I live for long car rides after uploading these new treasures (this may be the very reason I have been demoted as DJ of the car ipod, time and time again).  However, surely as the sun rises in the east, so does my obsession with each song fade, and I am left searching for a new inspiration in the top charts on itunes.  Isn't this true for everything in life, though?  We invest our time and energy into things that will only leave us feeling empty and unsatisfied.  These temporary wonders may taste sweet at first, but they lose their flavor as time goes on, leaving our thirst quenching for something more.
Everyone is searching for that sweeter song... 

However, there is hope in the midst of this unfulfilling cycle that we call life.  And, His name is Jesus Christ.  Our only hope for this sweeter song that we all long to hear.  A song that only gets better the more and more times it is played.  A song thats worth can not be measured by anything on this earth.  And a song that inspires a hopeless world with a promise of a sweeter life that is to come.  This is the song that I strive to hear daily.  God has orchestrated a beautiful melody for me, so, why can't this be the song that I want to put on repeat?  Daily, I am being called to hear another line of the song God has written for me.  Every high and low note of my life are woven interchangeably to create a more perfect rhyme.

And, this is the why I was inspired to start this blog.  I desire that through this someone may be encouraged to listen attentively to the song that God is writing just for them.  Because you better believe that He is doing just that!  I have made it my goal to remind myself daily to speak less and listen more.  This resolution seems silly since I am quite the opposite from any outspoken, confident, talkative Tammy out there.  But, when it comes to my spiritual life, sometimes I feel as if I am the only one speaking because I am to impatient to sit and listen.  I fill up my comment card to the Lord every single day and when I don't hear the immediate feedback that I desire, I am often left feeling discouraged.  God is serenading each one of us with a different song.  The song that He knows will pull directly on our heartstring and draw us closer to Him.  My prayer is that I make time to just listen and reflect.  
So, I won't let my words ruin the beauty of God's serenade...