April 11, 2012

Start spreading the news...

I'm leaving today (or more like June)...

I want to be a part of it.  NEW YORK, NEW YORK!

That's right y'all, in 53 days (but who's counting, really...) I will be going back to my favorite place on earth, and staying for more than a week this time!  I am so blessed to be given such a wonderful opportunity and I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for me this summer.  I know that this will be no walk in central park (sorry, I couldn't resist that one), but I am confident the lessons I will learn will be fully worth all the trials I may face.

Get ready to take this journey with me, as I will be updating you the entire way... 

Now, I need to channel my inner Carrie (Bradshaw) and make sure I am prepared, in the outfit department, for the streets of NYC.  I hope to look like this going to work everyday:

she is too fabulous
Ok, I'm done with my ranting for today.  There is definitely more to come on this adventure!  

 Have a good week, lovelies.