June 23, 2011

Window Shopping

Window Shopping.
It's something that I have never been very good at... Why would I put myself through such torture. But, seeing as my current income is labeled as "unpaid", and I am being paid in experience rather than money, the window is as close as this broke girl is allowed to get at the moment.  So, as my list of "must buys when not broke" continue to add up, I am left to dream of that glorious day when those fabulous clothes will be welcomed into my closet!  But until that day, I guess I will just have to use my eyes and not my credit card.  Let the swooning, and not purchasing, begin...

My two favorite things: lace + toms
Pleats! Pleats! Pleats!
I think I may need to go to Morocco for
one of these...with airfare included, this
might be quite an expensive little bag!
And if I can't make it to Morocco for a bag, I guess I will
just have to settle for a longchamp le pliage :)
I guess Kate had to settle too!
What is ONE more piece of lace added to my
The perfect sequined crepe top
Adorable scalloped shorts

Pair it with a navy blazer and you have this
perfect ensemble!

Now if only the stores could just help a broke girl out...

This needs to become my new window shopping!

Have a blessed Thursday :)