January 25, 2012


Finding peace in this "energizer bunny" kind of world is nearly impossible.  If I get just one moment of serenity in my day, it is interrupted by my internal agenda reminding me of what my next task will be.  It's an endless cycle that waits for the next holiday or vacation to save me temporarily from my busy life.  However, that fleeting peace I find parked in a chair on the beach is LONG gone before my tan has even begun to fade...

Then, today I was reminded of why my search for peace always yields such useless results.

I am forgetting the only one who can bring us the transcending kind of peace that we strive for. The peace that releases us from the stresses from another day on this earth.  And a peace that reminds us that we are infinitely loved in every single moment of our lives.  This peace that I am talking about is from none other than the Lord, Himself.

He yearns for us to quiet our restless souls so that we can receive this present of peace.  How quick am I to go through my entire day before i remember that I have not spent any time with the one who is always ready to spend time with me.  I am a flawed daughter, yet day after day He delights in my time spent with Him.

Today, I will enjoy the peace that calms that heart and quiets the mind.  WHO wants to join me??

Now, you go and have yourself a peaceful day!