February 21, 2012

Gift List

After the candles are blown out and the cake is cut...

The birthday king or queen, who reigns over this day, is directed towards a mountain of presents.  One by one, each gift is given an allotted 5 second display time before it is on to the next one!  This is the drill every birthday and Christmas... 

Then the party comes to a close, and the remnants of the day lie in the wrapping paper and shiny bows that cover the floor.  The last person is barely able to make it out of the door before the grueling task of writing Thank You notes begins.  As a child, this "chore" was the last thing I wanted to do on my special day!  Was I not a ball of gratitude in my 5 second acknowledgment of each gift?  Was a little piece of paper really going to say more than that?  

I know that I was not the only one who felt this way about Thank You notes... But, as I get older I have been a given a greater appreciation for this simple gesture.  Making a list of gifts received has taken on a new meaning, and I have found that it shouldn't be saved only for special occasions.  This could (and should) be a part of my daily routine.  

This summer, I was challenged by a book.  One Thousand Gifts transformed the way I saw my relationship with the Lord.  Before, I was the child who was quick to take and receive, but slow to give thanks.  Afterward, I was closer to becoming a woman with thanks abiding on her lips.  My cup overflows everyday with mercies that I do not deserve.  And everyday, my list of gifts (or gift list as I will be referring to it as) runs off of the page.  I was not aware of how truly blessed I am, until I began seeing even the littlest things as a gift given to me by the Lord.  You only need to be still and the gifts will appear literally out of nowhere!  Everyday your eyes will become used to looking upward in thanks.  When gratitude makes a home in the center of your heart, a new sense of joy and fulfillment is given to your life.  Just give it a try!  

Today's Gift List 
1. my morning cup of jo
2.  Kari Jobe pandora station
3. an encouraging e-mail from a teacher
4. great reminders sent in the form of a Bible verse (check out Colossians 2:6-7) 
5. the fact that today isn't a MONDAY

"Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."
1 Thessalonians 5:18