March 28, 2011

a more perfect rhyme

I am the kind of person who will wear out a song.  If it plays on my heartstring in the slightest bit, it will be put on repeat until I can quote every word of every line.  While most would see this habit of mine annoying, I continue to get my moneys worth out of each $1.29 song I am compelled to buy.  I live for long car rides after uploading these new treasures (this may be the very reason I have been demoted as DJ of the car ipod, time and time again).  However, surely as the sun rises in the east, so does my obsession with each song fade, and I am left searching for a new inspiration in the top charts on itunes.  Isn't this true for everything in life, though?  We invest our time and energy into things that will only leave us feeling empty and unsatisfied.  These temporary wonders may taste sweet at first, but they lose their flavor as time goes on, leaving our thirst quenching for something more.
Everyone is searching for that sweeter song... 

However, there is hope in the midst of this unfulfilling cycle that we call life.  And, His name is Jesus Christ.  Our only hope for this sweeter song that we all long to hear.  A song that only gets better the more and more times it is played.  A song thats worth can not be measured by anything on this earth.  And a song that inspires a hopeless world with a promise of a sweeter life that is to come.  This is the song that I strive to hear daily.  God has orchestrated a beautiful melody for me, so, why can't this be the song that I want to put on repeat?  Daily, I am being called to hear another line of the song God has written for me.  Every high and low note of my life are woven interchangeably to create a more perfect rhyme.

And, this is the why I was inspired to start this blog.  I desire that through this someone may be encouraged to listen attentively to the song that God is writing just for them.  Because you better believe that He is doing just that!  I have made it my goal to remind myself daily to speak less and listen more.  This resolution seems silly since I am quite the opposite from any outspoken, confident, talkative Tammy out there.  But, when it comes to my spiritual life, sometimes I feel as if I am the only one speaking because I am to impatient to sit and listen.  I fill up my comment card to the Lord every single day and when I don't hear the immediate feedback that I desire, I am often left feeling discouraged.  God is serenading each one of us with a different song.  The song that He knows will pull directly on our heartstring and draw us closer to Him.  My prayer is that I make time to just listen and reflect.  
So, I won't let my words ruin the beauty of God's serenade...