March 29, 2011

I want to be ready...

Today, I heard a new song that I can't get out of both my head and my heart.  As sad as I am to say that the addictive new single by Rebecca Black has been replaced, I believe that Mr. Shawn McDonald has hit the nail on the head with his song "I Want to be Ready".  The lyrics say it all...

I want to be ready
When the Son Almighty comes
To lay claim to Him
And Him, alone
I want to be ready
To stand at His side
For His eyes to gaze upon me
In His glory and might

I want to be ready
I want to be ready
I want to be ready
For Him and Him, alone
I want to be

I want to be ready
To cry out His name
To lay up in His arms
Delight in His fame
I want to be ready
To be embraced by His love
Before Thee Almighty
To take me up above

To gaze upon Your throne
To give You all I own
O My King
To fall upon my knees
To give You all the glory

So will I be ready?

If God arrived at my doorstep tomorrow, would I be able to welcome Him as the gracious and hospitable hostess that is expected from a Southern woman?  Or would the shame of my dirty home be revealed through the fear that is written all over my face?  Unfortunately, the second reaction is probably the best guess... 

Growing up we are taught that everyone has a purpose.  As a small child, we believe that as big as we can dream, that is where our purpose lies.  A firefighter, a rockstar, an astronaut...NO dream is too big.  Then, as we get older and realize that no matter how much you dream of becoming a rockstar, if you can't carry a tune or read a sheet of music, this dream is simply out of reach.  But, now what?  Your dream has been crushed and you are left reevaluating your life.  Eventually, most figure it out, some a little easier than others.  But even when we discover a job that is made for just for us, is that all that we are here on this earth for?  Jesus answers that question loud in clear throughout the Bible.  Our one true purpose on this earth is to bring glory to God.  If this is our purpose, then why are we not preparing to see face to face the One we have been to designed for.  Every day should be training day.  The Word of God and continual prayer should be our tools that will equip us so that when that day comes we will be readily waiting with open arms...

So, Lord I pray, I want to be ready...