March 30, 2011


On occasion, I have been known to have a "princess moment" or two.  More recently, though, due to the stress of life as an overbooked and overworked college student, these moments have become more frequent and they have been labeled with another name, "diva".  During these episodes, my attitude can be described by a few unpleasant words.  Demanding, bossy, temperamental, self-centered, and not to mention RUDE.  Yes, I am sure I left out a few!  But, my question is... since when did being a so-called "princess" have such awful connotations!  The last I remember, being a princess was a little girl's most desired aspiration in life!  I could not count the number of princess dresses that I owned, all consisting of way too much tulle and way too cheap of fabric.  Simply, putting on this costume made me feel... well, special!  I may not have been worried about boys at this young age, but I did know that if I was a princess, then my fairy-tale awaited me, knight in shining armor included!  So, when did we stop expecting a prince and a happily-ever after?  When did we stop deserving to be placed upon a pedestal, and swept off our feet by the charming banter of our true love?  Somewhere between falling countlessly in love to being left with nothing but the remnants of a broken heart, our self worth and confidence is left dried up and misconstrued.

Who said you weren't beautiful?  Who said you can't wear a pretty dress and put on a crown?  Who said that your pumpkin can't be transformed into a full horse-drawn carriage?  And who said that you don't deserve to be pursued by someone who will treat you forever like a princess?  I know someone who never said any of these things to you.  He actually says the quite opposite.  HE professes that your beauty captivates Him every single day.  HE provides you with a pretty dress to wear and places the crown upon your head.  HE promises to transform the lifeless pumpkin that is your life, into a beautiful horse-drawn carriage that gives off a light to guide you on your way.  And HE is preparing a man that could not be more perfectly created just for you.  The one that I speak of, that tells you that you are worth all of this and more, is God.  This is how much HE loves you...

And besides, every princess deserves a Happily Ever After!