April 14, 2011

5 things...

This weeks current obsessions...


This is a perfect spring outfit-
after Easter of course (notice the white shoes!)
Well anything looks good on Gwenyth...

2. Bohemian Chic
If anyone knows me, then they know that this is my favorite style
every day of the year, but I guess you could say that
my obsession is portrayed perfectly this picture.  
This is what I aspire my style to be!

Aviators (check), long Hair (check);
all I need is that colorful scarf, and perfectly, plump pout!

3. I need a perfect summer HAT

This straw beauty is $7.50 at Forever 21!
I have no excuse NOT to buy it! 

I'm not big on the cowboy inspiration that this hat seems to have,
but I do love that she paired a hat with this vintage bathing suit, SO CUTE

When does she NOT do it right?
Blake Lively everyone.

And you can't forget the floppy hat...
this perfect beach accessory will be on my head all summer long

4. Vintage Rings!
Elle, this summer we WILL be going vintage ring hunting
like we always said we would

5. Pale pink and gold...a formal affair