April 29, 2011

Say Yes to (which) Dress?

There are only a few things in this life that I will get up at 3 o'clock in the morning to see... Surrounded by good friends, and the sweet aroma of an early breakfast cooking in the oven, the countdown to the Royal Wedding has begun. 

In t-minus 60 minutes, we will witness the "Wedding of the Century".  In 60 minutes, the whole world (or maybe just the female population) will be on the edge of their seat as they await the moment when this monumental event will be sealed with a kiss.  And, finally, in t-minus 60 minutes the dress that will stop the hearts of millions will be revealed...

The time is close at hand...HURRY UP 4 a.m., America and apartment 4405 is anxiously waiting!

Let the Happily Ever After begin...

Like mother like son