April 5, 2011

When God gives you gold...

I have a very dear friend, who once told me something that I will never forget... She enlightened me on this brilliant truth: "God will never show you GOLD first, and then give you SILVER".

"WOW" was my only response.  We have such a gracious God, that this really shouldn't have surprised me in the slightest bit, but then again God always finds ways to amaze me every single day.  After she told me this, I couldn't wait to share this great news!  And, it wasn't long before I was doing just that, over and over again.  It may sound impersonal that this phrase was being recited in every one of my conversations, but there is something about this advice that I felt EVERYONE should hear!

Especially college students.  Being in college myself, I know how hard it can be during those 4, 5 (or dare I say more) years of your life.  It is full of uncertainty and anxiety, because for the first time YOU are making decisions, that will affect your future and the rest of your life!  I am a bit of a scaredy-cat to begin with, but this absolutely TERRIFIES me, and I know that I am not the only one... And, as if the pressure of being educated on how to score the most perfect job wasn't enough, we also have to deal with BOYS and all of the drama that seemingly comes with THEM!  Even Mother Theresa would have a panic attack if she was expected to finish school in 4 years (and no more!), never repeat an outfit in her entire college career, AND attend every social event, where she would need to find the perfect man that would, of course, grant her the simple wish of having a candlelight!

Thus, leading to this umbrella of unrealistic expectations that we feel we are constantly under, which only makes us feel worse when we come up short.

Back to the incredible quote i first mentioned...The reason it inspired me, so much as to write a post about it,  is because of the hope that I felt it gives in this world of failed expectations.  What I mean, is that sometimes we are so scared of trusting the Lord with our lives that we hold onto things that we KNOW are not right, only because they fill the checklist of what is expected of us.  This is mainly seen in the "boy" department.  Girls are stuck in relationships, accepting the countless cons, because they are fearful that God won't have anyone else planned for them.  Which will then lead to a life spent alone (which is most definitely not expected from a southern belle!).  

BUT, what if you knew that God wants to give you GOLD!  The kind of gold one could only dream of, because it does not have a monetary value!  If your heart is seeking diligently after Him, He wants to give you this precious gift.  Whether this blessing comes in the "expected" and limited time frame of college, or sometime after, His blessing is all the same!  He doesn't want us to accept silver, because we have not yet seen the gold.  And, He doesn't want to flaunt this priceless gold only to turn around and detract it from our sight.  We have such a compassionate God, who genuinely longs to be an active part in every aspect of your life, including the "boy" department.  If you can trust Him with this part, He will show you infinitely more than you could ever have imagined.  So, let God amaze you and remember...

God will never show you Gold first, and then give you silver.