May 26, 2011

Free at last...or almost :)

Well, it is the last OFFICIAL day of Maymester.  The last day of 3 hour classes.  The last day of world record note-taking (seriously, I think my right arm muscles have gotten slightly bigger than my left).

NOTE to SELF: If I must take another Maymester class in the future, 
I will need to learn the art of ambidexterity, 
just to even things out :)  

And last but not least, today is the last day that STUDYING is in control of my social life for the summer!  Yes, after today ( or more like 10 a.m. tomorrow)
I will be a free woman...

And where do all of the free women go, you may ask?  Well my actual destination will be revealed to you tomorrow, but today I will leave you with a video that gives a hint as to what my transportation will be :)

Listen and Enjoy