May 10, 2011

Remember when...

What in the WORLD did we do before cell phones?  I guess this unimaginable thought probably only resinates in my generation, but I honestly don't know how I made it through each day without my trusty little blackberry.  And then I remembered... we communicated through THESE:

NOTES!  Folded with love in a perfect envelope shape.  Pictures drawn on the outside displaying what "kind" of message was hidden inside.  And of course, sayings like "Private!" and "For your eyes only" made a girls heart skip a beat at the thought of a possible profession of love from a shy boy who was too afraid to say his true feelings to her face!  Haha, I guess this means of communication wasn't so bad... Dare I say that I might part from my precious blackberry to have a week of fun-filled notes??  Who knows what exciting things might happen ;)

have a Blessed day